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After a client came in with a bag of cosmetics not knowing what to do with them and her disappointment that her skin was still dry and still having breakouts ,upset with her skin and her investment, I decided to scout out the competition for these cosmetic products.

 I went to a local Drug Store and a to a large Mall department store.  The realization that I could only read about the products at the Drug Store concerned me.  How does a person buy a skin care product here?  I was a slave to the “advertising words and claims.”  The employee selling makeup couldn’t answer any of my skin questions?

What is the PH of this product? ………… “Don’t know but it is not that important because it is great!”

What kind of skin do you think I have? ..... “You have a beautiful skin!  What are you looking to buy?”

Would this product be suitable for my skin? ....”Of course and it is extremely popular and we sell many of this product!  Have you seen it advertised on TV?”

Is this a skilled “Esthetician” or a skilled salesperson?  How many hours or days has she been trained to sell all these products?  The amount of products that she must know about is either amazing or downright nothing.

Going to the large department store was even scarier!  So many counters! So beautifully displayed!  Where do I start? I have to have better luck here!  The prices are more expensive so the products have to be better! The beautifully dressed sales people have to know more than the drugstore!

Same questions and the answers equally disappointing! Before I knew it I was faced with over $300.00 of products. Couldn’t afford them so there was another line much more reasonable but absolutely designed for my skin and this one had a soap as well!

When asking about the soap no knowledge was given to me other than it is neutral and good for all skin types.

Wrong and wrong even more! 

Skins are acidic in PH!  You can’t use a neutral soap because it destroys the skin’s acid mantle and will cause ageing over time.

Those suffering from acne have a higher acid PH and this aggravates break outs and these skins need even more acidic products so that a bacterium doesn’t flourish. Neutral soaps will clog those pores even more leaving a film and can cause extreme drying but breakouts continue. 

Those suffering from dry skin have little oil that creates a normal PH so soaps are a nightmare because they strip the PH off completely.  Skins can look red and inflamed.

Tampering with that PH has to be done by a skilled “Esthetician.”

Finding a skin care line is not to be done at the drugstore, or the pretty department store or the infomercials by actors claiming how great these products are. 

Do you actually believe that they use these products or are they just paid for the commercial because it lines their pockets?

No one knows about your skin so why would you buy that product?

Invest in yourself not with a lot of money but with time.

Visit LubaMera Spa and get a free skin consultation.  Ask questions and see if you can get answers to them; correct answers not just a sales pitch. Take your free prescription card home with you and decide what you can or can’t do. You’ll be surprised at the cost! It’s not what you think!

Our skilled “Estheticians” have a Cosmetology as well as an Esthetic Diploma with Skin Anatomy, Skin Physiology and Chemistry background!  You can certainly learn from them about your skincare needs!  They are skilled at changing the PH during our FACIALS for your treatment but you should not tamper with it.

Learn why it is important not to mix products.  Learn why it is so important to have a least three magic products that work together! No mixing and matching like on TV


1.       A PH balanced acidic Skin Cleanser for your skin type.

2.       An acidic Toner to rebalance your skin’s PH

3.       A moisturizer for your skin type that is still acidic that can hydrate, moisturize, revitalize, nourish and regenerate your skin to its normal functioning.

All the rest of the products we offer can take your skin into a treatment stage but these three magic products will make an incredible difference.

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