Get ready for the festive season!

LubaMera Spa welcomes our new Creative Nail Technician. Grow your nails instantly! Make a statement with your nails from professional to flashy. Make your appointment and meet Stacey.


Full set of Nail Tips                          65.00    allow 1.15  
Full set of Nail Tips with Manicure     80.00    allow 1.45     
Full set of Fills                                50.00    allow 1 hr.
Full set of Fills with manicure           65.00    allow 1.30
Gel Manicure                                  55.00    allow 1 hr.
Gel French Manicure                       59.00    allow 1 hr.
Gel Pedicure                                  95.00     allow 1 hr.
Repair of Nail                                 15.00     allow 15min.
Nail Designs / 2 nails                      10.00     allow 15 min.
Rhinestone Designs / per nail          10.00     allow 15 min