LubaMera Spa welcomes our new Creative Nail Technician. Grow your nails instantly! Make a statement with your nails from professional to flashy. Make your appointment and meet Stacey.

A miracle manicure! A more friendly solution to “gels and acrylics.” No sculpting or filing, just thin coats of polish that lasts up to 10 days and is chip resistant. Nails are filed & shaped. Cuticles cleaned up with a Dry Manicure. No water can be used so gel adheres. Gel Polish is cured under LED  light and gives an enduring glass shine. Shellac must be removed professionally by a certified aesthetician.


Full set of Nail Tips                             65.00    allow 1.15 

Full set of Nail Tips with Manicure   80.00    allow 1.45     
Full set of Fills                                      50.00    allow 1 hr.
Full set of Fills with manicure           65.00    allow 1.30
Gel Manicure                                       55.00     allow 1 hr.
Gel French Manicure                          59.00     allow 1 hr.
Gel Pedicure                                        95.00     allow 1 hr.
Repair of Nail                                      15.00      allow 15 min.
Nail Designs / 2 nails                         10.00     allow 15 min.
Rhinestone Designs / per nail          10.00     allow 15 min
Nail Extension Removal:                   $30.00    allow 30 min.
Gel Removal                                      $15.00   allow 15 min