Worried about Fungus under Toes?

The technical term is Onychomycosis.



Here’s what to look for:

·        Discolouration of toe nail

·        Brittle toe nails

·        Crumbling nails

·        Thickening toe nails


Fungus loves warm, moist and dark environments.  Having your feet in closed toe shoes or work boots is a great place for fungus to grow.


There are many ways to contract fungus:

·        Gym areas or locker rooms

·        Public shower facilities so wear your flip flops

·        Swimming pools and their areas where people are in bare feet

·        Trying on a pair of shoes so make sure you have something on your feet

·        Genetic and health factors that can increase your risk of infections

·        People over 55 years have a greater risk

·        People with diminished blood circulation

·        People with existing injuries on feet

·        People with comprised immune system such as HIV, Aids, Diabetes

·        Poorly sanitized pedicure basins and tools for manicures and pedicures.


Nobody wants a fungus yet 1 in 5 Canadians will have or have had this issue.


Remedies can vary:

·        Topical liquids found in pharmacies

·        Prescription drops for toes

·        Laser treatments

·        Oral medication

Home remedies:

·        Hydrogen peroxide

·        Tea tree essential oil found in Health Stores

·        Vicks ointment


 Be patient with your treatment as it may take a long time to get rid of fungus.


Precautions that you should follow daily:

·        Keep feet clean.  Soaking in epsom salts or adding salts to a bath.

·        Dry your feet thoroughly after bathing or showering.

·        Wear pure cotton socks if possible

·        Wear comfortable breathable shoes

·       Try not to wear nail polish because it creates a dark environment beneath.


Our Implements:

We follow recommendations of Ministry of Health to the tee.

We are inspected once or twice a year and we have passed each time!

All our estheticians have “TWO” complete sets of stainless steel implements for hands and feet.

While one is in use, the other is soaking in a hospital grade STERILANT called Pre-Empt.

Ministry of Health recommends soaking for 10 minutes to sanitize and 20 minutes to sterilize.

Prior to soaking the implements our team bushes with soapy water to get rid of all physical debris.

Our team always rinses the implements and then the soaking procedure start.

After soaking, implements are rinsed, dried and wrapped in a clean cotton cloth and stored for future



Our Pedicure Throne Chairs:

They have air driven jets and not whirlpool jets but we still must follow a procedure that ensures your safety due to used water that surrounds the jet.

Pedicure basins are drained.

They are rinsed, sprayed and scrubbed with a foamy cleanser.

We dry basin and then a bleach and water mixture according to Health Canada is sprayed. On entire basin.

Jet is removed, brushed of any debris, rinsed and sprayed with the same bleach mixture and put back for future pedicure.


Our reputation is very important to us as well as a executing a high end service to you!

We hope that this information will make you focus on how and where you are getting your pedicures and manicures.