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LubaMera Spa is like no other in the city. Need a destination without traveling for hours? This is it! A four thousand foot facility with ample parking and an incredible staff of ten is waiting for you or your group. Our services vary from Esthetic's, holistic, RMT, medical, body treatments and much more. Our reputation and selection for facials, pedicures and packages are the best in the city.

LubaMera Spa has a quiet room where your guests may rest and relax for 15 min to 1/2 hour in between some services. We have our pedicure drying vault room where you can gather and talk.  Yes, this building was a bank and our clients love this room with small foot massagers. Our philosophy is actually to try not to book a client back to back due to timing and as not to rush them through services by booking them back to back. Some rooms may be occupied so some creative booking needs to be done.

If you are thinking of food for the occasion, we can work on that for you as well, ordered from local restaurants at an addition charge. The food menu is on our web site. We reserve a table with your name on it and your guests can nibble on the food.  We of course, provide complimentary cappuccinos, espresso, herbal teas and a  daily flavoured water.

We hope to hear from you and help you plan your exciting event. If so, we need times of arrival, first and last names, their phone #'s, choice of package and a credit card to hold that event.  We do send you an itinerary for everyone in your party for you to see how the event will happen.  Every guest that arrives will receive her own individual itinerary for the day.